Widgets for Christian Science Websites
Monitor Articles - Set Four
Widget Reference: MN10 - Monitor World News
HTML to display this widget
Widget Reference: MN11 - Monitor European News
HTML to display this widget
Widget parameters available
  • TX=333333 Text colour (default ‘black’). Any web recognised colour can be entered (ie green, red, orange, white), or if known, the web-standard hexadecimal notation (green=008000 ,blue=0000ff, red=ff0000, orange=ffa500 etc)
  • BC=black Background colour (default ‘white’).
  • TC=orange Title colour (default ‘navy’).
  • TS=white Title shadow colour (default ‘badce8’).
  • LC=999999 Link colour (default ‘navy’).
  • HC=bbbbbb Hover colour (default ‘badce8’).
  • MN=2 Maximum number of news items to display
  • SZ=L, M or S This sets the pixel height of the images. Large is 60 (default), Medium is 55 and Small is 50