Widgets for Christian Science Websites
Display Daily Lift entries
Widget Reference: DL01
HTML to display this widget
Widget parameters available
  • SZ=X, L, M or S Use this to control the size of the Daily Lift header image (and thus the column width). The X (extra large) has an image width of 300 pixels, ‘L’ (large, and default setting) has an image width of 222 pixels, ‘M’ (medium) has an image width of 205 pixels, and the ‘S’ (small) option is 188 pixels.
  • LI=L or S This sets the relative size of the lecturers image (‘L’=large, ‘S’=small), and thus the height of the Daily Lift column
  • HD=Y or N Hide the date of posting
  • FN=5 Fix the number of Daily Lifts you want to be displayed (a maximum of 7 is usually available)
  • BG=T Use this parameter to give a transparent background
  • TC=white Text colour (default black). Any web recognised colour can be entered (ie green, red, orange, white), or if known, the web-standard hexadecimal notation (green=008000, blue=0000ff, red=ff0000, orange=ffa500 etc)